Four-storey apartment building with pilotis at Aroe, Patras
Construction Year 2011,
Area 435 s.m.
Residence at Drepano, Patras
Construction Year 2011,
Area 170 s.m.
Residence and store at Paralia, Patras
Study 2010,
Area 400 s.m.
Residence at Bozaitika, Patras
Study 2010,
Area 140 s.m.
Residence at Ano Kastritsi, Patras
Under Construction, Study 2010,
Area 120 s.m.
"Idilofon" Estate
Construction Year 2008
Participation in Architectural Competitionheld by ANTHEMIAS SA and DOMES for housing complex in Kardia, Thessaloniki
Cooperation with M . Kyriakou & K. Lambri, Year 2007, Total area 27,000 s.m.
Apartment building on Ellinos Stratiotou street, Patra
Study 2007
Residence at Syhena, Patra
Construction Year 1993
Area 150 s.m.
Apartment building on Iroon Polytechniou street, Patras
Construction Year 1992
Area 6500 s.m.
Hotel with furnished apartments at Rio, Achaia
Construction Year 1991
Area 1100 s.m.
Residence at "Girokomio", Patras
Construction Year 1981
Area 200 s.m.